Stefan Frei

dipl. Innenarchitekt FHZ /
Interior Architect

My goal is the composition of extraordinary spaces and atmospheres which surpasses the usual and which makes the user feel totally comfortable. In the process of finding the best solution to match the needs of each customer, i am passionately driven to focus on every detail.

Born and raised in a small village close to St.Gallen‚ a passion for the spatial and design was distinguished already very early. At a young age‚ I spent most of my time drawing and creating the first architectural models with music tape boxes. After an apprenticeship as interior architecture draftsman I studied Interior Architecture at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

My work offers me the privilege to create the everyday environment of the human being. My inspirations for this task are especially the nature, materials, arts, design, photography and traveling. Together with a broad knowledge of the interplay of forms, colors, materials, light and shadows, I design and lead tailor-made solutions according to the customers needs.