Ramon Montañés

CEO | Partner

In the city of Wiesbaden in Germany, my place of birth, I laid the foundation for my lifelong passion as a technical draughtsman. I have always been fascinated by the creation of a project that evolves from one single idea or vision.

My further education as an interior architect in Zurich gave me the chance to develop my passion for creating beauty in rooms. My inspiration for each large project always came from nature, its endless amazing structures and its beautiful details.

In dedication to good food, I am inspired by all of my senses in everyday life with organic ingredients and high-quality products. I allow these sensations to develop into a fascinating whole in the emergence of a new project. The strength of my inner peace allows me to keep calm in the hectic activity of the most complex tasks.

I look forward to supporting your project with my vision of nature and the different sensations.